Suzan Wagensveld

Where shall I start? I have been living with this ‘restlessness monster’ in my legs and arms for over ten years now. My RLS experiences are really awful, and the symptoms are driving me crazy. I have been taking medication for years, and have always been afraid of augmentation (worsening of symptoms due to habituation). There’s also the frustration that you can’t do anything you want to anymore, and the effect it’s having on your relationship. My husband will sleep in another room now and then whenever I start tossing and turning and moving around. In short, the RLS has a huge impact on my day-to-day functioning. I am using Release417 now, and am able to offset the restlessness. I can now sit next to my husband on the sofa and watch a movie or go to the theatre with him without constantly wiggling or fidgeting. I have tried so many different things, but the Release417 has finally given me the relief I was looking for. I have regained control over my RLS.