Nora Schoenmaekers

I have been active on a forum for RLS patients for years, and have seen so many problems, insights and ideas from participants. When René said he had finally found something that actually works, I became very curious. The Release417 is a brace that is comfortable to wear, easy to put on, and truly offers relief. No, it is not a medication that will cure your RLS once and for all. That’s impossible. It helps offset that annoying feeling of restlessness and powerlessness. When I put the brace on in the evening as I’m lying on the sofa, and then start walking around, my leg relaxes. I used to have to walk and walk and walk…until I would nearly collapse from exhaustion. I think it’s important to share this because I know how many people suffer from RLS. We shouldn’t have the illusion that we will ever be rid of it entirely. The Release417 alleviates the symptoms, helps offset the restlessness, and allows your legs to relax. In short, the symptoms diminish.